Expected Launch

thumb 23 September, 2020

When will Metro fully launch?

As we close in on our full release we are greatful for everyones support and patience. We thought we would give you all an update on our position, status, and how we will do our release. Our development side is close to finished and just making simple refinements then it will be ready for obfuscation, we expect all this to be done within a few days. As our developers are working we are also doing other behind the scenes work to make our launch go as smooth as possible. Our full launch is expected to be on 1 October, 2020. You may be wondering how our launch will go and how you should get ready? For the launch we've really strived to make it as customer friendly as possible we've taken many measures to ensure no issues arise and keeping it as simple as purchasing a movie online for our customers. We hope this answered some of your questions and hope you're as excited for the launch as we are.

If you have any questions regarding our public release please reach out to us.



Owner and Co-Founder of Metro